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Sadiya Abjani

Director of Learning and Equity

Sadiya Abjani is theDirector of Learning and Equity at SAGE as well as a queer Muslim activist. She received her Bachelors in Islamic Studies and English from the University of Texas at Austin, where she spent time learning curriculum development and gaining expertise in training development and delivery. Previously, Sadiya worked as the Corporate Training Coordinator at the Equal Rights Center, where she delivered trainings on Fair Housing, Disability Rights, and Sensitivity and Diversity. She has done extensive work within the elder community, including developing and executing a large project surveying the South Asian elder community to isolate signs of depression.

Her goals in life include writing a comic based on her life, convincing the "mainstream" Muslim majority that Islam has a loving place in its heart for its queer believers, and continuing to create spaces where minority communities can process, heal, and self-advocate.