Serving Diverse Elders: Strategies for Meaningful Inclusion in Service Planning and Delivery

May 2020 | Asociación Nacional Pro Personas Mayores, National Asian Pacific Center on Aging, National Indian Council on Aging, The National Caucus and Center on Black Aging, SAGE National Resource Center on LGBT Aging

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“When working with diverse elder communities it is essential to realize that outside forces like systemic oppression can add to the lifetime of discrimination that some members have faced. Systemic oppression creates barriers. The more intersecting identities a person holds, the more likely the older adult lived and continues to live knowing that on a daily basis they will face obstacles and have to navigate oppression.”

As the older adult population grows, many Aging Network providers are considering the unique needs and barriers diverse elder communities navigate by incorporating their stories and experiences into their organization’s planning process. By making some simple changes, diverse elders can be included as aging services and programs are designed, implemented, and evaluated. This guide aims to provide the Aging Network with tools and resources needed to be more inclusive of culturally diverse populations of older adults during the planning process.