San Francisco LGBTQ Aging Research Partnership, LGBTQ Older Adult Survey

August 2021 | San Francisco LGBTQ Aging Research Partnership

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“One of the greatest unmet needs during COVID-19 was counseling services, with slightly more than one in four POC seniors, HIV+ respondents and people with disabilities report being unable to access these services. This is a significant and concerning gap in LGBTQ senior services.”

In February 2021, the San Francisco LGBTQ Aging Research Partnership1 , a group of concerned community leaders and advocates, and Health Management Associates developed and implemented the LGBTQ+ Older Adult Survey to gather input from LGBTQ+ older adults across San Francisco about how their physical and emotional health had changed during COVID and the stay-at-home mandate, and what services they were able to receive and which services they needed but were unable to access. The goal of the survey was to provide the community, the city and foundations with information to best allocate resources to address any unmet needs. The survey was funded by the San Francisco Department of Disability and Aging Services, Horizons Foundation and the Bob Ross Foundation.