Local Community Advocacy: Advocating for the Needs of LGBT Older Adults Receiving Aging Services

August 2021 | National Resource Center on LGBT Aging

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“There is no better person than YOU to share the lived experiences of aging as an older LGBT person. ”

Your voice is needed now more than ever to advocate for yourself and others as they access needed aging services and programs in their communities. Too often, older LGBT people delay seeking needed care due to a fear of discrimination from an aging network of service providers that historically have not been welcoming. Efforts are underway at national and local levels to help this network become more welcoming of LGBT older adults. These efforts include creating non-discrimination policies that include LGBT populations, providing LGBT cultural competency training, and developing LGBT welcoming aging programs and services. You have an excellent opportunity to be a part of these efforts at the local level through various volunteer opportunities. This toolkit provides an overview of local aging services and programs, how LGBT advocates and organizations like yourself can get involved, and how Aging Advisory Councils can advance the priorities and address the needs of older LGBT people.