Health and Psychsocial Needs of LGBT Older Adults

September 2011 | Mark Brennan-Ing; Stephen E. Karpiak; Liz Seidel; AIDS Community Research of America (ACRIA)

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“"The older LGBT adults who were HIV+ were significantly less likely than those who were HIV? to perceive that emotional support was available all or most of the time. The HIV+ group was also significantly less likely to indicate having received all the emotional support they needed in the past year."”

This research study provides one of the most comprehensive descriptions of the health, well-being, and social context of Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender (LGBT) older adults, focusing on the aging LGBT population residing in Chicago, IL. The study provides in-depth data on the health status of the aging LGBT community, including sexual health and concomitant risk behaviors, as well as the challenges of living with HIV.