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Residents' Rights and the LGBT Community: Know YOUR Rights as a Nursing Home Resident

October 2013 | National Long-Term Care Ombudsman Resource Center; National Resource Center on LGBT Aging; Lambda Legal

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Individuals living in nursing homes have the same rights to be free from discrimination and harassment as individuals living in the larger community.

In recognition of Residents' Rights Month and National Coming Out Day, the National Long-Term Care Ombudsman Resource Center released a new consumer fact sheet titled produced by NORC in collaboration with the National Resource Center on LGBT Aging and Lambda Legal about LGBT residents rights in nursing home.

This fact sheet highlights federal residents' rights and nursing home requirements that may be of particular importance to LGBT residents, options for complaint resolution, information for reporting abuse and resources regarding long-term care and LGBT advocacy.

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Lynn Jordan   January 2, 2014 at 1:17 PM
There also needs to be a discussion on the pitfalls, shortcomings, and decreasing availability of affordable Long Term Health Care Medical Programs. My policy in effect for 20 years has gone from life-time coverage (which would have seen premiums increase in 2014 to over $600 a month) to a policy limited to 10 years with monthly premiums that have already tripled up to 2014 mandated changes. Many of these long term programs did not have adequate reserves to cover the cost of claims of seniors 60+ who enrolled and began to draw on the program's benefits within a few years of the effective date of their policies. Those of us who were in our late 40';s, early 50's when we enrolled are now assuming more and more of the costs of the long term care health care programs. For those of us on a fixed retirement income it can be a financial challenge to remain in the long term care program -but given all we have paid in premiums to date and fearing the worse in run away costs of nursing/convalescent care we continue to pay the monthly premiums. Coupled with rising prescription drug co-pays they have become increasing outlays every month.

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