Working with LGBTQ+ Individuals: A Factsheet for Crisis Hotline Responders

May 2022 | Thomas Godwin

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“LGBTQ+ individuals have disproportionate rates of crises when compared to non-LGBTQ+ individuals. However, LGBTQ+ individuals express a nervousness when reaching out to crisis services that are not LGBTQ+ specific. They fear being discriminated against, being misunderstood, or being forced to interact with institutions that might feel unsafe. Non-LGBTQ+ specific hotlines and their crisis responders can work to make their services more LGBTQ+ inclusive.”

This research-driven factsheet aims to assist non-LGBTQ+ specific hotlines in working with LGBTQ+ individuals in a crisis response setting. It discusses tips for individual crisis responders in working with LGBTQ+ individuals and also discusses tips for crisis response organizations in supporting LGBTQ+ communities as a whole.