A Broken Bargain: Discrimination, Fewer Benefits and More Taxes for LGBT Workers

June 2013 | Movement Advancement Project; Center for American Progress; Human Rights Campaign

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“Instead of having a fair chance to get ahead, LGBT workers and their families often are held back by bias, fewer workplace benefits, and higher taxes.”

This report examines the myriad injustices facing LGBT workers in the American workforce—and highlights how these injustices negatively impact both workers and employers. It outlines how LGBT employees who work just as hard as their non-LGBT counterparts face multiple barriers to fair and equal treatment. The report divides these barriers into two categories:barriers that make it harder for LGBT workers to find and keep good jobs; and barriers that prevent LGBT workers from accessing the same job-related benefits as their non-LGBT coworkers, putting LGBT workers and their families at risk. The report also offers specific recommendations for government and employers to reduce and eliminate inequities for LGBT workers and their families—recommendations that would benefit the entire American workforce.